You’ve decided to sell!  “But let’s wait until Spring”.  Check out our top 5 reasons why listing and selling your home in the Winter is the PERFECT time to sell!

5.  Less Competition:  We know in the Warren County market; we are still in a low-inventory area.  Listing in Spring is great, however wouldn’t you love to jump out in front of your competitors who are waiting until Spring to list their home?  We are helping buyers left and right get into homes NOW!  Why not have them buy YOUR home?

4. Motivated Buyers:  “We love looking at homes in the cold” said NO ONE ever!  Buyers actually getting out in this cold weather are MOTIVATED to buy! Otherwise they would be at home in front of the fireplace!  No looky-loos and wishy-washy buyers in the Winter! 

3. No SNOW on the internet:  Research shows that 99.9% of buyers have researched and looked at the home they purchase 20 times on-line before they even go in person to look!  They can look from the comfort of their home on-line even in the Winter during a snowstorm to find the perfect home. Because admit it, you do the same thing!

2. Curb appeal not as big of a deal:  We all know in our St. Louis dreary winters, we don’t expect to pull up to a home and have rose bushes flowering and green beautiful grass.  Although we do advocate for a clean yard, new crisp paint on the front door, buyers will focus MORE on the features of your home vs. the curb appeal.

1. Spring is for YOU:  Our number one reason to sell your home in the Winter?  It gives YOU the great opportunity to move in and settle into your own home now, so that YOU can enjoy your new surroundings in the beautiful Spring!